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New family member, she is 2 months old, born 11-7-16and was a rescue animal from Wausau.   They sent a group of kittens to Milwaukee's shelter.   And I was the first today to find one.   One look and I was hooked.  Still waiting for Vinni to come up with a name--should be interesting.

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After watching the first episode of Sherlock season 4, I had to write what I believe might be Sherlock's response to all that has happened.
Title:  It’s my Fault
Characters: Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson
Warnings, kinks & contents: hurt/comfort, self-inflicted injury, drug use overdose, AU, suicide attempt
Length: 2034
Summary: Sherlock believes there is nothing left for him after
S4E1, and decides his has nothing to live for.

Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9182347
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May you have a Blessed and Merry Day
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Its been many years since I heard your voice and felt your arms but I still miss you so.

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Have a great day
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During the day (well late afternoon)
At night.

Sorry it a little blurry, the blinking lights do that.

Working on the inside tree now, can't wait to get it done.

How about your sharing your decoration?  I loved to see them.

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Have a Wonderful Day
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Last year my brother had cancer and spend 3 months in the hospital with every complication possible.  He has been doing will, and cancer free since.   The other day he complained of stomach pains and yesterday was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.   The cancer is back.  It deep in the tissue and only Chemo will help.    
If you could send a few prayers for him this way I would greatly appreciate it.   Thank
you   Pat

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birthday 1.gif

Have a great day
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Happy Anniversary Mark and many more to come
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May the season be happy and joyful.   Enjoy your Day
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Here are the two pictures I have.   I started on the top one.  Below are the baseboard and picture to follow.  Also the size of the pixels, I'm using the small one

My next  project

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All the guys and I wish fo you to enjoy your day.
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The boys (Kevin Jr, Kevin, and Me) at Kevin Jr's soccer banquet last night.  I feel so small compared to them
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Have a great day and many more to come
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Have a great day Judy, Lunch soon?


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