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New family member, she is 2 months old, born 11-7-16and was a rescue animal from Wausau.   They sent a group of kittens to Milwaukee's shelter.   And I was the first today to find one.   One look and I was hooked.  Still waiting for Vinni to come up with a name--should be interesting.

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Here are the two pictures I have.   I started on the top one.  Below are the baseboard and picture to follow.  Also the size of the pixels, I'm using the small one

My next  project

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To all my friends thank you in every language I can think of for the wonderful birthday wishes and Retirement wishes.

The day was spend with my family and friends. My sister's birthday was on the 29th and she turned 60 another big milestone. My niece helped us celebrate with a cake. My brother (who we hadn't see in years) surprised us by coming. Great fun we had a bounce house for all the kids and no this time I didn't go in it. Tons of food and great company.

Once more thanks for taking the time to wish me Happy Birthday and Retirement.

My sister and I.

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Although I have a week to go, my boss called a staff meeting and there would be a few snacks for my retirement.  When I arrived I found out it was actually a party for me.   Although I can't wait to work no more night but just seeing so many coming to say goodbye really was touching  Of course there were gifts include 2 MFU cups one that shows the symbol when hot liquid is added inside.
A basket full of gifts
A very touching plaque
And a pin I will wear my last day. JACHO is health cares ruling organization.
What a nice surprise. I will miss the people I work with.
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Just returned from the celebration of 25 years of service at work. (and every 5 years after that). A wonderful meal and great company--

Each boss was asked to write a certificate for their employee, this was mind.

Some friends and my boss. From left to right, My good friend and Nurse Practitioner Jenny, Dora a psych nurse, Me and my boss Cindy.

It was a great time and excellent food. And only 5 more weekend before retirement.

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Here is my sleeping buddy.
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First taste of chocolate--it was a success.
ist birthday
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I have a wonderful lunch yesterday with jkartes1. After finding out we live only a few miles from each other, we made arrangement and met at Café Lulu. the conversation was wonderful and it was nice to meet another first cousin.  Great company and good food.

jkartes1 jkkitty

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My daughter posted this as there was a 'fight' on a site she is on.  Thought it was worth sharing.


Jun. 23rd, 2014 05:46 pm
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Well back from Vacation and put the grandkids on a plane to Florida to spend the next two months with their mom. Missing them already.

We had a great time starting with getting to Egg harbor, Wi in Door county in time to take the trolley tour to see the light houses their including the government ones open once a year to the public.

I always thought that lighthouse had one shape--Door County lighthouse sure helped change my mind. The two boys that keep showing up in pictures are my son and grandson.

light house cana
lighthouse 1
light house cana1

lighthouse 2
lighthouse 3
lighthouse gov1
lighthouse gov


We stayed in Egg Harbor and it is their 50th Anniversary of being a village. What better way to celebrate than having 50-2 feet metal eggs all designed differently placed through out the village. When I get those picture downloaded I share some.

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my picture from RV

Opened my Mail last night and found this. What a lovely surprise! Robert Vaughn signed this after the show a couple weeks ago in England.
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I'm sure you heard about the 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius violin stolen on January 27th in Milwaukee.  It's been found in the Bay View neighborhood. It appears to be in perfect condition — and is expected to be returned to its owner soon.

Why am I mentioning it?  They found it one block from my house.  Police and everyone else crowded the street.  Wow.  We are really a quiet neighborhood but what a way to make ourselves know to the world.
The violin has been returned intact to the owner.


Jan. 31st, 2014 05:18 pm
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Lately a lot of our cousins seem to be experiencing some bad times. My niece posted this knowing how hard this last year has been for our family and I thought it was helpful. I know that it helped me remember others out there are also experiencing what I am. And good friends help them come through it.

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snow 1Mother Nature's surprise.  this is from my pouch at noon.  I like snow but not this early in the year.
snow 2


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