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Coco, 2 months (rescue, got her yesterday)
Rosie (4 months rescue)
Buttercup (7 years)

Twilight (6 years, rescue, and she doesn't like being ignored)
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In the hospital trying on my new jacket.   On the 11th floor, and the city out the windows.
Thanks Tammy for helping me get it.

Of course the PT showed up and told me to get back to bed as I was standing there.
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Have a great day, and enjoy watching the cowboy--oops I meant the bull.
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Have a great day, enjoy the celebration
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You as you stitch another year to your life, the day is great
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Lacing up a Birthday Wish for you.   Have a great day.
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Sherlock a chuté de dire espérons que votre journée est merveilleuse et joyeuse.
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С Днем рожденья тебя
С Днем Рождения дорогой bkkbjy
С Днем рожденья тебя
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My grandson will be graduating from 8th grade. One of his wishes is to collect a book of postcards from all over the place. As right now we're not able to do much traveling I was wondering people would be willing to send him a postcard from wherever you live so he could add that to his book. His his name is Kevin Krupski jr the address is 2432 South Austin Street Milwaukee Wisconsin 53207. If you have time could you please send him one it would make his day thank you jkkitty
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A few friends just 'popped' in to wish you a great day.
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Have an energy filled day on your birthday

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Может у вас есть замечательный день и многие еще не все
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Have a great day
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We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and 4 Plays by Poe.
The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, House of User, and Pit and the Pendulum
The dinner and the food (even the table centerpieces) represented the plays.

On the way to the dining room.

Lighting and the room.   There are spider from the celling and webs

Cake and Menu

Table decorations
Yes that is a heart and Raven

They plays were done by 4 people and we had an blast and enjoyed every moment of it.


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