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Reposted from Last Year

Well tovarisch what did you think of St. Nick’s day,” Napoleon asked looking at Illya’s desk covered in candy.

“It is an interesting holiday, all these small tokens of friendship.”

“Women know the way to your heart is through your sweet tooth.”

“I am happy to allow you to take care of the women.”

Napoleon chuckled, “But are they willing to allow that?”

Ignoring the question, Illya offered him a small wrapped package.

Inside it were Napoleon’s favorite chocolates. He looked questionably at him, “What’s this for?”

“For being my best friend and partner. Happy St. Nick’s Day,” Illya said grinning.
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Repost from last year:

‘What is this box on my desk?” Illya asked.

“St. Nick left you chocolates. He brings gifts to all good agents on December 5th night.”

“Americans. You find any reason to give gifts.”candy

“We enjoy occasions that allow us to make our friends happy.”

“But there seems so many of occasions.”

“If you don’t want the chocolates, I’m more than willing to take them back.”

“I will not insult you by refusing your gift.” He said placing the box in the drawer after popping a piece in his mouth.

“I thought you’d see it that way,” Napoleon said smiling.

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Hearing their door open, Illya quickly closed his desk drawer grabbing a report before him.

Although he was quick, Napoleon saw. Knowing he would get no place asking the Russian what he was hiding, he hid his curiosity.

Napoleon crossed the room and sat on the edge of Illya’s desk right over the drawer.

“Yes?” Illya eyed his partner.

“Interesting report?”


Napoleon suddenly pulled open the drawer finding bags of Halloween candy.hc

Sighing, “Oh, Illya?”

“It was on clearance. Would you like a piece of Candy?” he offered.

Smiling Napoleon accepted knowing his partner’s past would always direct his actions.

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“Are you ready to go, tovarisch?” Napoleon asked looking over Illya in costume.

“You are not dressing before we go?”

“Well, I thought I’d wait until we arrived.”

“By the way, Napoleon, what is your costume?”

He started out the door but Illya stepped in his way.

caveman-costume“You had me change. I think it is only fair you dress now.”

Napoleon knew that he would be no use arguing with his partner, so pulled out his costume.

“Jo idea?” Illya asked.

“She wanted us to match. Can we go?” Exasperation coloring his voice.

Illya led the way roaring in laughter.       

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“Napoleon, what are you doing?”.

“Craving Jack-o-Lanterns”

“If you cut pumpkins up like that, the meat will be no good.”illya

“They’re decorations for April’s party tonight not for eating.”

“Another American custom and reason to party.”

Napoleon shook his head, “You’ll see how it fits into the theme. By the way, April drop off your costume.”

“You didn’t mention a costume before. What! It is a gladiator costume I am not wearing a skirt and collar only.”

“Perhaps you would like to tell April?”

Illya shivered, “Give me the outfit, I rather not face her wrath.”

Napoleon smile, “Thought so.”

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Napoleon entered Illya’s apartment to find it filled of boxes and the Russian with a rare full grin on his face.

“What’s this?” he asked pointing to the mess.

“Waverly asked me to test this out,” his partner answered running his hands over a machine, admiration in his eyes.

“And that is?” Napoleon asked pointing to a box approx. 2w×2d×1h feet with a protruding keyboard sitting on Illya’s desk.

“A prototype of a Datapoint 2200 home computer with a built-in full keyboard, 80-column monitor screen, and two cassette tapes drives each with 130 kilobytes capacity.” The excitement could be heard in his voice.computer

“And you do what with it?”

“I am going to test it out by doing things from home for the research department.”

“Wonderful, now I’ll never get you out of this apartment. You do remember we had plans for tonight?”

Looking guilty, “I sorry I did not remember. I promised Mr. Waverly I would do some data tests tonight. Can we do it another night?”

He knew he could get Illya to keep his promise, but his partner’s heart wouldn’t be in it.

“Sure partner.”

The smile on the Russian’s face made up for Napoleon’s disappointment.

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Expected, Illya let himself into Napoleon's apartment.

Sitting down next to his partner on the couch, Illya loaded his plate from the table full of snacks. The television was blaring the Jets vs the Giants football game. The November day was cold and the Giants were winning their first game against the Jets.

The American was yelling in support of the Jets. Already introduced to the game, Illya ask, "Aren't they both New York Teams.".

"Doesn't matter, I'm a Jet's fan."


Looking seriously, he said with his normal conviction, "It's my team." Explaining it all.

"I understand."

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Sleep, if only he could. If only the nightmares wouldn’t come as soon as he closed his eyes. They had tried to get there in time, but it didn’t matter. The population of the small village had been dead before they had even started out. Thrush was once more trying to take over. Illya and he had put a stop to their plans, but too late for the village.

He glanced at his sleeping partner who was in the throws of a nightmare. He’d stay awake tonight. Tomorrow was another day maybe he could sleep then without nightmares, just maybe.

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“Tell me again why I’m doing the wash?” Napoleon asked. Their few clothes needed to be washed.

“You lost the bet.”

“You stacked the deck, knowing you’d win.

“Then why did you bet with me?”

Napoleon complained. “You convinced me to go into the bar knowing what I’d do.”

“You have no self-control.”

“And you took advantage of that fact.”washbasket

“The clothes do need to be washed.”

“Forget the lecture just give me your clothes.” As he left, the woman from the bar stepped in-front of him with a full wash basket, “This might be fun after all.”

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"Must we listen to that music?" Napoleon asked. He was tired, hungry and frustrated. The assignment had gone badly and they still had to report in to Waverly.jazz

"It relaxes me," Illya said not opening his eyes. His head ached from falling down the stairs when escaping and was trying to get rid of the pain with music.

"It gives me a headache."

"Well, it lessens mine. Besides, I am the one who hit my head while releasing you."

Napoleon risked glancing at Illya's bruised and cut face before turning the jazz back on to dull his partner's pain.

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The bodies had been removed. The man and his daughter had been taken to a safe house. Napoleon went looking for Jo and found her in the garden staring out into the night, hand on the gun on her lap. bench


She turned tears in her eyes which she wiped quickly when she saw him coming.

“Moya lyubov you’re crying?”

“Am I a monster?”

She had killed the men when they tried to kidnap the frightened child to prevent her father talking.   He had called her a ‘monster’ for letting his daughter see death.

“You aren’t.   We protect innocents. Killing is sometimes part of it.” He pulled her close to him, kissing her hair.

She buried herself in his chest soaking up his comfort. They sat quietly until he slowly felt her begin to relax.

“Why are we often hated?”

“Jo the world wants to be safe, but doesn’t want to know how it’s kept that way. We give our all, including our lives, but we’re often viewed as bad as the men we fight. It won’t change until the world does. Until then we have each other.”

He saw a small smile and knew she’d be okay once more.

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Illya stomped ahead of his partner on the dirt highway grumbling in Russian a warning to his ill 30partner to keep quiet. He was muddy from head to toe while Napoleon walked behind him without a lick of dirt on him.

“Come on Illya; it wasn’t my fault. I thought he had a gun.”

The grumbling stopped as Illya turned glaring at his partner. “So you just thought you would push me?”

“I was trying to save your life.”

“Next time do not save me.”

Heading down the road again, Illya heard, “Honesty, I didn’t know the mud puddle was there.”


Jun. 12th, 2013 02:27 pm
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Jo and April sat in the corner cafeteria booth. Both had black eyes and a broken leg. Although successful in their assignment, they did pay the price.

They overheard two secretaries in the booth behind them talking.

“I’d love to be in Section 2. Glamour, travel, and men.”

“Kuryakin and Dancer think they’re so special. I could do better than them any day.”

“Just think we’d have Napoleon and Illya.”

April and Jo approached their booth.

“Ladies, you’re welcome to walk in our shoes any day.” April said.

“That is if you can walk,” Jo said both leaving on crutches.

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He walked toward the car, would they really allow him, his freedom.  He could see his partner standing there hands away from his sides to show he was unarmed.

They had captured him as the building he was sent to destroy crumbled around him.  He had been beaten and drugged but he didn’t talk.  The goal besides destroying the building was safe.  It was an order, and he obeyed hoping their mission would success.

He passed their agent that he was being exchanged for.  Smiling he reached the other side. 

“It worked?”

“Yes, our man is now back in their organization.”

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napoleon 2Napoleon sat on the bed gun in hand. He had managed to rescue his partner who now laid beside him body with varies shades of black, blue and purple decorating it. He knew Illya hadn't slept or ate for the last three days. Thrush had been too busy trying to break him, but Illya had kept his secrets until Napoleon had arrived.

Watching the door, gun in hand Napoleon almost hoped they hadn't evaded their pursuers. He almost hoped Thrush would try to enter the room. If they did, he would show them what happens to someone who hurt his partner.

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Illya rushed into his office and hid behind the file cabinet.

“I am not here.” he called out as he passed his partner’s desk.

“What is going on?”

The door opened and two secretaries came in.

“Did Illya come in here?” they asked.

“No.  Did you try his lab?”

The women left leaving Napoleon chuckling as Illya came out from hiding.

“Okay, give.”

“They want me to judge their baking contest.”

“You do like to eat.”

“Do you remember what happened when Henderson, last year’s judge, had the loser do his paperwork?”

“I hear an assignment coming on.”

“Thanks partner.”


Jan. 16th, 2013 11:01 am
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Illya’s week had been dreadful with everything going wrong.  Napoleon assured him that it wasn’t his fault, but he knew better.imagesCAEDDIKO Now his partner had called demanding they meet by the statue in the park.

He arrived searching for Solo.  Unexpectedly a snowball hit him in the head.

“Snowball fight,” Napoleon yelled out.

Angrily he turned and was hit again.  With nothing else in sight, he grabbed some snow forming a snowball.  Soon a full-blown fight was in progress.

Tired out, the two fell into the nearby snow bank, “Feeling better, tovarisch.”

“Much thank you, drink?”  Smiling the two left. 

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“What is this?”  Illya asked as he picked up the envelope on his desk.

“Open it and see.”

“Has it been scanned?”

“Illya! Just open it.”

Inside were tickets dated January 7th for a Ukrainian Celebration he wanted to see but because of a long assignment hadn’t been able to get tickets as they were sold out.

“How did you get these?  You were with me on assignment.”

“I have connections too.”

“Women connections?” Illya teased.

“You did want to see that program?”

“Yes, but why today?”

“Merry Christmas, I wanted to celebrate with you.”

“Thank you.”  Touched by Napoleon thoughtfulness.

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“Well tovarisch you made quite a haul yesterday.”  after

“Haul? nbsp; I am not sure what you mean.”

“It just a saying that meaning you received a lot of presents.”

I thought it was because that is what is expected during Christmas.”

“No, it’s because they like you including Aunt Amy’s dinner invitation.” 

“Your aunt is a wonderful woman opening her home to me and to buy me a gift on top of it.  I just do not understand why everyone has been so kind to me.”

“It’s simple my stubborn Russian friend.  Even though you don’t show others you care, they know.” 

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Illya watched his partner's reaction as he handed out the gifts until he took mercy on the man.

"Did you like what I got you?" Illya asked his quiet partner.

Napoleon looked questioning at him. He hadn't received anything from the Russian.tickets 3

"If you would have worked on your reports, you would have found it. It was the first one I placed this morning."

Under his files, he found an envelope with tickets to a sold out play.


"A friend. Which woman will take?"

"I'll be asking my closest friend."

"And who is that?"

"You tovarisch Merry Christmas."


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