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Title: Colorless
Rating: PG
Genre: Suggestive
Table 2, Prompt 79 - Chalk
Word count - 100
(first posted in MFU 100)

His world had no color except the color of chalk because his partner may not live.

The walls surrounding them were white. The man in the bed seemed the same chalky white as his sheets and covers.whte

Even sound seems like white noise.

He might not make it the doctors said.

If this came to pass, his world never have color again.

Movement, a little color began to come from the bed.

As the movement became more visible and moans became louder, color was returning to his world.

“Illya?” The world was back splashed with color. His partner survived again.

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Title: Happy Memories  (first posted in MFU_100)
Author: jkkitty
Word count 100
Prompt #44. Record player

Napoleon entered Illya’s apartment to jazz playing on his record player. He raised his eyebrow asking a silent question.

“Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew.” Illya responded.

As they ate, the music was interrupted by a scratch on the record.

“Why don’t you get an 8-track player? You wouldn’t have to worry about scratches.”

Illya shook his head and gently replaced the damaged record in its sleeve.

After Napoleon left, Illya gently touched his collection. He knew his partner wouldn’t understand his attachment to records. One of his happy memories as a child was   spending time listening to records with his father.

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Title: Alright, Okay, You Win
Author: jkkitty
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 1114
Prompt: #33 record

It’s Napoleon turn to go undercover and he is not happy with the disguise. Illya can’t stop laughing. Thanks to Sprikesgirl for the fast clean up.

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Just a reminder -

There's a tiny little MFU community that is frequently overlooked. It's called MFU 100 and it's a prompt site. We have just added another 100 prompts.

It's just the place to try out your writing chops - no rules, no demands, just some fun prompts and no pressure. So, if you are of a mind, drop on over and check it out. And if you have a minute, check over the prompts. You might just find the perfect one!

I have to say it's been fun to come up with stories for these.  Hope you join us.
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Title: You are my Candle

Author: jkkitty

Prompt #97. Writer’s Choice:Candle

No Warning

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